The Finale of the Auckland Half Marathon Series!


ur first and main event is the fantastic Orewa Beach Half Marathon. This is the grand finale of the Auckland Half Marathon Series! The course features a mass start in the morning sun on Orewa Beach and a jaunt along the boardwalk and gravel paths of Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve. After a short section through the burbs, we complete a full lap of the famous Te Ara Tahuna Walkway. You then retrace your steps back to the beach for a mighty finish.

There’s no better way to take a tour of what Orewa has to offer.

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Runners and Hybrid Run/Walk start together at 7:30am. Competitive Walkers start 3 minutes later.
Time Limit is 3.5 hrs after which marshals and aid stations will be stood down
The classic half marathon distance and Race Four in the Auckland Half Marathon Series

There’s no better way to explore Orewa
than with a beautiful Sunday Morning run.

Course Description

Your half marathon journey begins with a 2km blast north on the wide, hard-packed sands of Orewa Beach. 

At the north end of the beach, an underpass takes you under State Highway 1 and onto Old North Road where a short hill – pretty much the only bump on the entire course – takes you to the entrance into Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve. “Eaves Bush” features narrow twisting paths through rainforest (yes, really!). Care is needed as there are overhanging trees on the path. Leaving Eaves Bush you arrive at aid station one, inside the Kensington Park retirement community – vocal support is assured!

The next 2km are through local streets which bring you to Aid Station 2 and the entrance to the magnificent Te Ara Tahuna walkway. You will complete one full 7.5km loop of the walkway, taking in Millwater and beautiful views over the Orewa Rive estuary. Aid Stations at Millwater (9.5km) and Western Reserve (12km) will keep you topped up.

With the walkway loop complete, you can now retrace your path through local streets to Eaves Bush. Again – take care of the overhanging trees, especially now you are tired out! This time you will climb up the path inside the reserve and emerge back onto Old North Road – its all downhill or flat from here!

You rejoin the beach at the 18km mark and proceed south past the start line to southern end of the beach. From here, we will send you off the beach and onto the brand new 3m wide concrete utility trail which takes you on the final 600 metres to the finish line.

Congratulations! You made it.

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