Kids, Start Your Engines!

The 2k Kids’ Dash is a staple of Running Events and we’re delighted to bring our favourite event to Orewa Beach. The course is very spectator friendly with the kids never leaving the beach. Or, for the younger kids, we encourage parents to run alongside. With the beach as their playground, every kid will have a chance to really switch on the after-burners. But even if a more sedate trot is your best on the day, you will still get a huge ovation when you cross the line.
Each kid gets a finisher’s medal, a lolly … and an awesome story for show-and-tell at school on Monday!

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All kids start together at 10:15am. Parents, if you are running too please start at the back.
The 2km Dash always draws a huge group of kids and even more cheerleaders!
An achievable goal for the kids on a flat, safe course with great wide roads.

Feel the thunder as 100 kids
go dashing mad!

Course Description

The Kids’ Dash is a completely flat, two-lap course along the beach front. All the kids start together in front of the surf club…

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